Environmental Consultants To Industry


Environmental Auditing

CD Environmental(CD) offers a comprehensive Environmental Compliance Audit Program designed to provide clients with a total environmental compliance program which eliminates most of the crisis management from Federal and State regulatory compliance. This program makes environmental compliance a manageable program similar to other O&M programs that allow environmental activities to be scheduled as an Operations and Maintenance function.

CD's approach is to establish a program of compliance that is based on sound management principles and prioritized based on the risk exposure to the facility. CD Environmental's Compliance Audit Program consists of the following studies that make up the comprehensive evaluation.

This evaluation may contain some or all of the following audit studies:

  • Physical Plant Inspection
  • Disposal Facility Inspection
  • RCRA Tank Certifications
  • Waste Management Evaluation
  • SARA Title III Evaluation
  • Air Permit Review
  • Storm Water Evaluation
  • Ground Water Evaluation
  • Post Closure Evaluation
  • NPDES Permit Review
  • Pretreatment Review
  • PCC Plan Review
  • Contingency Plan Review
  • Waste Minimization Review
  • Administrative Record Review

CD will prepare a final Comprehensive Compliance Report that will detail the overall level of compliance based on Federal, State, and Local Regulations. This Report will be divided into observations, findings and recommendations listed in order of priority based on the level of risk exposure. CD will also include a Risk Reduction Report as part of this audit which will outline various recommendations as to how the facility can reduce environmental compliance risks and methods and procedures to minimize exposure for the facility operator. Based on CD's Environmental Compliance Audit, Management will be able to establish realistic budgets and time lines for environmental compliance and the facility operator with be provided with an overall compliance plan that provides effective control for managing environmental activities.