About Us

CD Environmental Engineering, LLC. (CD) is a full service environmental consulting firm offering full scale environmental compliance services. CD provides engineering services to deal with the investigation, evaluation and remedial design of environmental compliance issues in air, compliance reporting, permitting, storm water, waste, and wastewater.

The mission of CD Environmental Engineering, LLC is to provide its clients with professional service to systematically address environmental compliance issues. With an ever expanding sea of regulations and greater government intervention, CD Environmental Engineering continually strives to become a strategic partner with clients not only to address immediate environmental compliance issues but to also provide a program for ongoing compliance maintenance as it relates to environmental regulation. CD Environmental Engineering accomplishes this mission by providing its personnel with continuing education to stay abreast of ever changing environmental regulations and their applications so that CD Environmental Engineering can provide the latest and most cost effective solutions insuring its clients the most up-to-date compliance strategies for today and tomorrow.

Integrity drives us to the highest standards in delivering sustained value to our clients. We understand the importance of serving our clients and developing strong long-term relationships while delivering the highest level of service. We are constantly gathering feedback from our clients to improve the level of services we provide. Our client relationships are the cornerstone of our business.

CD Environmental Engineering is an experienced; results oriented consulting firm with a record of successfully providing service in directing environmental engineering and consulting projects in industrial, manufacturing, governmental and commercial sectors. We are ready to serve industry with proven professionals experienced in all areas of environmental compliance and hope that you will choose CD Environmental Engineering for all of your environmental compliance needs. Our client relationships are the cornerstone of our business. CD Environmental Engineering strives to be the one call for all aspects of our client’s environmental needs.