Air Compliance

CD Environmental Engineering provides Clean Air Act compliance by evaluating current emissions sources for compliance with regulations. For each facility affected by these regulations, CD develops a compliance plan that identifies necessary steps, costs, and schedules for compliance. For facilities required to reduce emissions, CD can perform source reduction surveys and design emission control systems. For facilities subject to Title V and Risk Management Plans, CD can prepare site-wide operating permit applications and risk management planning. After a permit is issued, CD can assist the facility with permit compliance by providing emissions tracking and visual emissions monitoring using EPA methods for opacity evaluations.

CD provides comprehensive permitting and compliance services to assist industrial clients with construction of new facilities and changes to existing facility operations. CD’s permitting and compliance services include:

  • Visual Emissions Monitoring
  • Permit by Rule Registration
  • Emission Inventory Reporting
  • Emissions Control Design
  • BACT Determination
  • Dispersion Modeling
  • Draft Permit Review
  • Non-attainment Review
  • Source Characterization
  • New Source Review
  • Permit Amendment
  • Permit Renewal
  • NOV Compliance
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Emission Event Reporting
  • Public Notice Assistance
  • PSD Review
Design Services

CD Environmental (CD) offers design services for a variety of environmental related issues including:

  • Air Emissions Control Including:
  • Exhaust/Hood Systems
    Acid/Ammonia Fume Scrubbers
    Cyclonic Separators and Baghouses
    Rotary Concentrators
    Thermal Oxidizers

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems Including:
  • Elementary Neutralization
    Heavy Metals Removal
    Cyanide Destruction
    Phosphate Removal
    Fluoride Removal
    BOD Reduction
    TTO Removal
    Oil & Grease Removal

  • Groundwater & Soil Remediation Systems:
  • Pump & Treat VOC/Metals Removal
    In-Situ Bioremediation (Aerobic & Anaerobic)
    In-Situ Chemical Fixation
    Soil Vapor Extraction
    Phased Separated Chemical Removal
    Barrier Wall Systems
    Recovery & Injection Well Systems

  • Water Reuse Systems
Environmental Auditing

CD Environmental(CD) offers a comprehensive Environmental Compliance Audit Program designed to provide clients with a total environmental compliance program which eliminates most of the crisis management from Federal and State regulatory compliance. This program makes environmental compliance a manageable program similar to other O&M programs that allow environmental activities to be scheduled as an Operations and Maintenance function.

CD’s approach is to establish a program of compliance that is based on sound management principles and prioritized based on the risk exposure to the facility. CD Environmental’s Compliance Audit Program consists of the following studies that make up the comprehensive evaluation.

  • Physical Plant Inspection
  • Disposal Facility Inspection
  • RCRA Tank Certifications
  • Waste Management Evaluation
  • SARA Title III Evaluation
  • Air Permit Review
  • Storm Water Evaluation
  • Ground Water Evaluation
  • Post Closure Evaluation
  • NPDES Permit Review
  • Pretreatment Review
  • PCC Plan Review
  • Contingency Plan Review
  • Waste Minimization Review
  • Administrative Record Review

CD will prepare a final Comprehensive Compliance Report that will detail the overall level of compliance based on Federal, State, and Local Regulations. This Report will be divided into observations, findings and recommendations listed in order of priority based on the level of risk exposure. CD will also include a Risk Reduction Report as part of this audit which will outline various recommendations as to how the facility can reduce environmental compliance risks and methods and procedures to minimize exposure for the facility operator. Based on CD’s Environmental Compliance Audit, Management will be able to establish realistic budgets and time lines for environmental compliance and the facility operator with be provided with an overall compliance plan that provides effective control for managing environmental activities.

Site Remediation

CD Environmental Engineering offers complete site remediation and site closure services that are engineered and designed to employ strategies that can save the facility owner significant time and money. CD begins each project by performing an in depth investigation. This investigation may include:

  • Environmental Site Investigation
  • Hydrogeologic Site Characterization
  • Soil / Ground Water / Surface Water / Sediment / Sludge Sampling

Once the vertical and horizontal extent of the site’s affected area is determined, CD’s remediation specialists will evaluate remedial options based on the most cost effective solution for the site. Based on findings, CD will provide some or all of the following based on actual project requirements:

  • Closure Plan
  • Groundwater/Soil Remediation Design
  • Permit Application
  • Remedial Action Plan
  • Risk Assessment / Risk Based Closure Evaluation
  • Soil Treatment Design
  • Treatability Study

CD’s remediation services include:

  • Closure Report Preparation
  • Post Closure Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Remediation Oversight
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation for Organic and Inorganic Constituents
  • UST Removal & Remediation

CD provides site closures based on actual site conditions and regulatory requirements. CD has proven experience with site closures using the following:

  • Innocent Land Owner/Operator Program (IOP)
  • Municipal Settings Designation (MSD) Program
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Program
  • Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP)
  • Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP)
  • Texas Railroad Commission
  • RCRA
Wastewater Treatment

CD Environmental Engineering offers full investigation and design services of industrial wastewater treatment systems for pre-treatment of plant effluent prior to discharge to a publicly owned treatment works and for direct discharge to receiving streams. CD has the expertise to provide solutions that go beyond the ordinary or obvious for the treatment of high-strength organic, inorganic and other unusual waste. CD’s services include:

  • Characterization Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Management
  • TPDES Discharge Permit
  • Self-reporting Sampling
  • SIU Status Development
  • Treatability Study
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual Development
  • Waste Minimization Study
  • System Startup/ Debugging/ Commissioning
Compliance Maintenance

CD Environmental (CD) offers services to ensure compliance with a wide variety of environmental regulations including:

  • Contingency Planning
  • Permit Maintenance and Recordkeeping
  • Visual Emissions Monitoring
  • Sample Collection
  • Hazardous Materials Management Planning
  • RCRA Tank Certifications
  • SARA Reporting
  • Slug Discharge Control Planning
  • Storm Water Permitting & SWPPP Development
  • SPCC Planning & Certification
  • Waste Classification
  • Waste Minimization Plan Development
Hazardous Waste Management

CD Environmental’s hazardous waste management services include a turnkey program for managing hazardous and industrial waste in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements. This program includes:

  • Hazardous Waste Determination
  • Drum and Bulk Material Sampling
  • Data Interpretation
  • Waste Profiling
  • Disposal Coordination
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Waste Classification/Registration
  • Waste Storage Design
  • RCRA Tank Certification
  • RCRA Storage Closure
  • Permitting / Registration
  • 3rd Party Disposal Facility Audit
  • SPCC and Contingency Plan Development
  • SARA Title III Reporting
  • Disposal/Transportation Coordination
  • Remediation

CD offers full storm water compliance and permitting services for industrial operations and construction activities subject to stormwater regulations. CD’s services for stormwater compliance associated with construction activities include:

  • Determinations of “Operational Control” and Responsibilities of Permittee
  • Development of BMPs, Controls, and Stabilization Practices
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Submittal
  • Notice of Termination (NOT) Submittal
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Development and Training

CD’s services for storm water permits associated with industrial activities include:

  • Annual Inspection and SWP3 Updating
  • Development and Design of BMPs, Controls, and Stabilization Practices
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Submittal
  • Notice of Termination (NOT) Submittal
  • Storm Water Sampling
  • Periodic Inspections
  • SWP3 Development and Training